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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Imagine you file for divorce and you and your spouse -- no matter how hard you try -- cannot agree on important issues like child custody, child support and asset division? Your disagreements will be fueled by emotions and have the potential for getting out of control and result in a long, drawn out, costly and stressful divorce process.

Now, imagine you file for divorce, and immediately enter into the mediation process. Through this process, you will have a mediator assigned to your case, and both you and your spouse will be represented by your respective family law attorneys. The entire process is geared toward peaceful, workable solutions that honor the needs, desires and legal rights of both sides. Doesn't mediation sound like a better idea?

Yes, you can achieve a calm, civil divorce

When divorce comes to a marriage, both partners may respond in unexpected, volatile ways. Depending on each spouse's own previous experiences with divorce, the reasons for the divorce and many other factors, the process can get messy and ugly quickly.

Realistically, this does not make the divorce easier or necessarily more beneficial for either party. At the end of the day, divorces that get messy and ugly are only more difficult and hurtful, if anything. This goes double if the marriage involves children, who can carry the baggage of a nasty divorce for their entire lives.

What are the benefits of the Georgia Fatherhood Program?

The Georgia Fatherhood Program is a special initiative that supports noncustodial fathers to gain financial independence so they can afford to pay their child support obligations. Since 1997, the Fatherhood Program has swooped in to assist unemployed fathers in gaining the life skills and education they need to find gainful employment.

Unfortunately, most noncustodial fathers don't even know that the Georgia Fatherhood Program exists. If you don't know about this program, or you want more information about how it works, keep reading.

5 steps for a diplomatic divorce

If your marriage didn't turn out to be the beautiful relationship you hoped it would be, you're certainly not alone. Also, there's a chance your divorce won't be so beautiful either. Legal proceedings have a way of ruining friendly relations. Nevertheless, if both you and your ex take the high road in your divorce process, you can navigate this process peacefully.

Let's say you've met your spouse for a cup of coffee to talk about your impending divorce proceedings. Any interactions you have with your spouse following the decision to divorce are delicate moments. The way you handle them will set the tone for the rest of your legal proceedings.

4 points to consider in a special needs custody case

Going through a child custody case when you have a special needs child is difficult. You have to think about normal child custody matters, but you also have to think about how you can still provide for and care for your child in ways that still keep the daily needs in focus. When you are facing a child custody battle that involves a special needs child, be sure to think about these four points.

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