Wills And Special Needs Trusts

Caring for disabled loved ones who are unable to care for themselves requires dedicated and compassionate family members. However, legal help is needed when financial resources are set aside to pay for the loved one's day-to-day needs. Legal help from attorneys who focus on personalized legal services.

At the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., our Woodstock special needs trusts lawyers work with families to ensure quality of life for a disabled or impaired family member.

Personalized Representation And Tailored Estate Planning Strategies

A special needs trust (SNT) is established as a privately and professionally managed fund administered by a trustee for the beneficiary who is disabled or suffers from other impairments. They come in two different forms and include:

  • Supplemental care SNTs — Serves as a secondary source of benefits when all available government benefits have been exhausted. The funds are not considered available resources to help qualify for needs-based benefits.
  • General support SNTs — Designed to be the primary or sole source of benefits for the beneficiary and considered an available resource and prevent eligibility for benefits.

A Commitment To The Best Interests Of The Disabled And Their Loved Ones

In addition to medical services, other quality of life options must be taken into account when customizing the special needs trust. Those include:

  • Living arrangements, specifically additions or renovations to make a home accessible or the cost of assisted living
  • Transportation, often a customized, accessible van or other vehicle
  • Education and training
  • Appropriate recreational and vocational activities
  • Augmentative communication equipment
  • Maintenance of a pet or service animal
  • Professional services that include legal representation, accounting and claims processing

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