Divorce And Family Law For Special Needs Families

While divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters are difficult regardless of the circumstances, families with special needs have unique considerations. Medical expenses may require a deviation from standard child support obligations. There could be additional issues surrounding visitation. There may be a question of whether a minor child can maintain eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

At the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., we understand your situation. As a veteran attorney with decades of experience in family law matters and the father of a special needs child, James has unique qualifications regarding special needs law.

We Put Your Family First

From your initial consultation onward, he will make every effort to fully understand the issues involved in your case. Because he has been providing outstanding legal representation for 20 years in this area of the law, he understands what a fair amount of child support looks like and what medical expenses may be required.

He will work diligently to obtain a fair division of assets, appropriate child support and a child custody arrangement that benefits all children involved. While the priority is on minimizing the length and expense of divorce when possible, he is also a skilled trial attorney who can take your case through trial, if necessary.

Divorce involving special needs children requires extensive experience and a dedication to achieving fair results. Having gotten results for 20 years, we are ready to help you and your family achieve your goals to the best of our ability.

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