Separate Maintenance

For some couples, a divorce is not the right option for them at this particular time in their relationship. For financial or religious reasons, they may want to live separately but technically stay married in the eyes of the law. Georgia law provides for this through separate maintenance agreements. Essentially, everything is done as if a divorce were to happen except an actual divorce decree is not handed down by a judge.

Helping Couples Seeking A Separate Maintenance Agreement In Georgia

If a separate maintenance agreement sounds like the ideal legal option for you and your spouse, reach out to our dedicated family law practice in Georgia. Our family law firm is devoted to providing personalized and catered legal counsel for families throughout the Greater Atlanta area. Our law office is located in Woodstock, Georgia. Schedule an initial consultation at your convenience to discuss your specific situation and whether a separate maintenance or legal separation is right for you.

Why Legal Separation Instead Of Divorce?

Couples who are no longer able to live together amicably or desire separate lives should be aware that they do not have to get a divorce to achieve these goals. Divorce or dissolution of marriage is a completely different "legal status" than being legally separated. Once a couple is divorced, certain work/retirement benefits, tax benefits and more no longer apply. But with a legal separation (achieved through a separate maintenance agreement), you can maintain the legal status of married.

You and your spouse would still be "legally married," but afforded independence from each other. You can live separately, pay child support or alimony, or have your assets and liabilities divided as well as resolve all other issues that are resolved under a divorce agreement.

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