Paternity And Legitimation

The appearance of a father's name on a Georgia birth certificate does not guarantee his parental rights. Legally establishing full parental rights requires legitimation.

At the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., in Woodstock, we handle a broad range of paternity and legitimation cases, including DNA testing for biological fathers, pursuit of child support by birth mothers and petitions for legitimation. Jim Bass dedicated to helping fathers increase access to their children through legitimation. We also provide skilled help in establishing paternity and when child support payment amounts are in dispute.

Help For Fathers And Mothers In All Circumstances

Whether parents are married, unmarried or divorced, children born to those relationships must get the care they deserve. Ideally, both parents should share prominent roles in a child's upbringing. Our law firm believes deeply in "the best interests of the child" and bases its guidance on that concept when paternity, custody and child support disagreements arise.

We are lawyers who practice family law — personalized — customizing our expertise and leadership skills to fit your specific, unique situation. You receive our best efforts, thoughtful recommendations, creative solutions and maximum availability at all times.

Learn About How Legitimation And Paternity Work In Georgia

Legitimation offers significant legal benefits for unmarried fathers. Mothers have legal rights in obtaining child support. We invite you to contact us for a detailed, candid, confidential initial consultation. Call 770-628-1136 wherever you are in Greater Atlanta. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can and offer free consultations.