Has a lost job, crippling personal injury accident or military transfer caused you to seek a modification of the child support, parenting time or spousal support obligations in your Georgia divorce settlement agreement?

You need a skilled divorce and family law firm behind you to ensure your financial interests are protected. You need the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., in Woodstock, Georgia.

It is important to not delay in seeking a modification. The failure to pay your court-ordered support obligations in full and on time can lead to serious legal consequences. Call 770-628-1136 for a free consultation.

Jim Bass has decades of experience, in and out of court, in creating practical solutions that last. Our staff customizes its expertise and leadership, tailoring it to address your exact goals. We can request or contest a petition for modification in ways that smoothly transition you to the next chapter in your post-divorce life.

Has a sudden accumulation of medical bills prevented you from financially supporting your former spouse and child to the degree you once did? Is your transfer out of state for business reasons, threatening to separate you from your child and impact your parenting time?

The Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., can help — beginning with your initial consultation. We listen carefully to what you want to accomplish with your pursuit of a modification and deliver the quality representation for which we are well-known. Our dedication to attentive personal services means we are never far from being able to address your next serious question or concern.

Experienced Post-Divorce Modifications Representation In Woodstock, Georgia

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