Guardian Ad Litem In Custody Litigation

If you are involved in a custody dispute during or after your Georgia divorce, you may be assigned a guardian ad litem — a court-appointed advocate for your child who is neutral toward the parents and whose emphasis is on "the best interests of the child."

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Guardians ad litem are typically used by Georgia courts to assist in the determination of cases involving the custody of children. Guardians ad litem may also be designated for cases of child abuse and neglect.

The guardian ad litem relationship lasts only for the time spent in custody litigation. This person may be a lawyer, psychologist or similar professional with special training who assists the court by investigating the parents, and interviewing the children and people who know the family, including relatives and friends.

The courts generally take the guardian ad litem's findings very seriously. It may also happen that the guardian ad litem can initiate court proceedings on behalf of the child.

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