Enforcement and Contempt of Court

Your final divorce decree is a binding court order that defines your rights and responsibilities and those of your former spouse with regard to such issues as custody, support, property division, payment of debts and other considerations. If your spouse is not fulfilling his or her responsibilities or violating your rights under the terms of the decree, you can petition the court to enforce them.

A person who does not comply with a court order can be held in contempt. Contempt of court can lead to a variety of serious penalties, including restitution for any missed payments, fines and jail time. These cases can be quite complex, and the assistance of a Woodstock support and custody enforcement lawyer can help to ensure that your interests are protected.

Handling All Aspects Of Enforcement And Contempt Matters

At Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., we have represented countless clients in a broad range of cases involving the enforcement of a divorce decree. If you need help enforcing an order, we can help you take the necessary steps to ensure compliance. Whether you need to seek an Income Deduction Order (IDO) or steps need to be taken to enforce the custody agreement, we will provide the representation you need.

If you are facing a contempt action for the failure to comply with your divorce decree, we will work to obtain the best available outcome on your behalf. If you are behind on support payments, we will work to negotiate a repayment plan that avoids an IDO. If you are no longer able to accommodate the custody agreement because of a change in your work schedule or other circumstances, we can help you seek a modification of the original order.

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