Hidden Assets

Georgia law requires full disclosure of all assets and income in the process of dividing the marital estate. Even if you believe the property to be separate and not eligible for division, it should still be disclosed. Your lawyer can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that separate property is not included in the marital estate.

If both spouses do not make a full disclosure, it is not possible to make a fair division of the marital assets. At the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., we work hard to ensure that all marital assets have been disclosed prior to the division of the marital estate. If you suspect that your spouse may be attempting to hide marital property, we will do everything in our power to secure full disclosure.

Committed To A Fair Division Of All Marital Assets

Hidden assets can come in many different forms. Some people will try to hide a large bonus, commission payment or other income. Business owners may attempt to undervalue their companies by failing to disclose a new contract or large client. When there is reason to believe that one of the spouses is attempting to hide assets, we can enlist the services of forensic accountants and other experts who can help us uncover assets that have not been disclosed.

Our Woodstock hidden asset attorneys have a long history of success in complex property division matters. We have the experience, the skill and the resources to conduct a proper investigation and make sure that we have a complete financial picture before the division of the marital estate begins.

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