Business Valuations

In divorces where either of the spouses is a business owner, at least a portion of the business can be considered marital property. If the business was established during the marriage, the entire value of the business can be considered marital property. If it was established before the marriage, its increase in value during the marriage can be considered marital property. Even if one spouse owns a business with partners or shareholders, the same rules apply to his or her share.

At the Law Offices of James O. Bass, P.C., we represent business owners and their spouses in all aspects of business valuation and division. We understand the factors that contribute to the value of a business. In addition to a company's property, income and client list, its name, processes, inventions, and the personal or enterprise goodwill associated with the company can all impact the final valuation.

Obtaining A Fair Business Valuation

Jim Bass is a registered patent attorney, and he has a unique insight into how intangible factors such as intellectual property come into play in the valuation of a business. In every case, we work to ensure that all relevant factors are considered in the process of assigning an accurate value to the company.

We work with a network of highly skilled experts with experience in all areas of business valuation. We look at physical assets, payables and receivables, contracts, trademarks, copyrights, patents, licensing agreements and any other aspects of the business that could contribute to its value. Once we have established a fair value for the company, we determine what portion of the business is eligible for division.

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