Contested Or Uncontested Divorce?

When married couples make the decision to end their relationships, it can be emotionally and financially advantageous for them to pursue an uncontested divorce — under the right circumstances. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses have reached agreement on all issues, including custody, support and property division. While many couples commit themselves to working through their disputes together, true uncontested divorces are very rare.

Instead, many couples negotiate during the divorce process in an effort to find a mutually acceptable settlement. This is still a "contested" divorce. Keep in mind that a contested divorce is not the same thing as a bitter or contentious divorce. It simply means that you are one of the many couples who cannot agree on every matter or anticipate all of your legal needs post-divorce.

From our office in Woodstock, Georgia, divorce attorney Jim Bass represents clients throughout the Greater Atlanta area in all aspects of family law. We support couples who are seeking an uncontested divorce and offer a reasonable flat rate to prepare the necessary documents and filing them with the court. We are honest and upfront about your legal options and the benefits and drawbacks of the choices before you; if an uncontested divorce is the right fit, we are happy to help you. If negotiation is required, we are more than capable of helping you protect your future.

Streamlining Uncontested Divorce Filings For Our Georgia Clients

When clients hire our firm to represent them in an uncontested divorce, we provide them with a packet that guides them through the process of gathering and documenting all of the necessary information to create the divorce agreement. If they return it to us with all of the required information, we will proceed with the uncontested divorce. If there are any disputes left unresolved or we need to research any information that the couple was not able to provide, it will be handled as a contested divorce.

If you are unsure about whether an uncontested divorce is a viable option in your case, consider everything that needs to be decided:

If the initial discussions indicate that you and your spouse tend to have the same or similar views on a majority of these issues, uncontested divorce could be a good option for you. If there is uncertainty or a clear difference of opinion on any of them, it is likely an indication that pursuing an uncontested divorce would not be a good fit for your needs.

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